Project call:


IPA CBC Interreg Croatia-Serbia


Applied CBC priority:


Environment and biodiversity protection, risk prevention improvement, promotion of self-sustainability and energy efficiency


CBC specificgoal:


Development and support of integrated cross-border monitoring and control systems for key risk in terms of environmental protection and natural biodiversity


Project ID:




Project acronym:


Sens Wetlands


Project name:


Active SEnsor monitoring Network and environmental evaluation for protection and wiSe use of WETLANDS and other surface waters



Project description:


This project underlines the key challenges of the Pannonian region in the area of estimating and building the model of anthropogenic impacts of rural and agricultural areas on water and water pollution.Quality of water directly affects the quality of life of urban and rural environments, also has a great impact on the diversity of flora and fauna of the natural habitats which surrounds them.Quality of surface waters has a vital impact in terms of water management systems for irrigation of cultivable surfaces.For water quality assessment and measurement it is necessary to constantly monitor the water quality, and create models which encompasses influences of the anthropogenic environment on the change of its quality.In particular, it is necessary to examine and explain the agro-pollutant flow processes and their impact on surface water.Designed protective bio-model must be able to give recommendations in terms of impact reduction of agricultural pollutants to surface waters.



Project goals:


The aim goal of this project is creation of system for chemical analysis of a surface water using procedures for determining the physical-chemical parameters of observed surface waters using in-situ method. Futhermore, the supervision biodiversity of the observed areas, allows building prevention and protection bio-habitat model using the so-called buffer-vegetation, i.e. the vegetation which would reduce the impact of anthropogenic pollutants on quality of surface waters and water structures on bio-habitat and his bio-diversity. Side goal of this project is to form, improve and promote cross-border cooperation through building monitoring and measurement system for monitoring and measuring key factors and existing risks in the protection of biodiversity.The result of the project should be the implemented, integrated and functional continuous supervision and measurement system for controlling the quality of surface waters in the capacity of the unified data system with international aspects. Locations predicted for implementation are Tompojevački Ritovi municipality Tompojevci, Mikluševci and Grabovo in Croatia and lake Zobnatica municipality Bačka Topola in Serbia.The last goal of this project is improvement of awareness about the anthropogenic impact on water quality through information and educationlocal communities and the wider public, simultaneously providing timely and direct insight into water quality control parameters of bio-habitats.


Project realization and time period:


The basis of the project is the construction and implementation of a measuring and monitoring network created of several measuring sensors for the measurement of surface water quality and water structures. Throughcollection, processing and displaying data of water quality, an overview of the course and impact of agricultural pollutants on water structures due to anthropogenic activity.


Project time realization: 30 months (09/2017 - 02/2020)